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I have been a guitar student of Terry Godwin’s for more than two years.  He is an excellent instructor and a fine person.  He is not only a very talented musician, but has a wonderful, patient teaching style.  Terry tailors his program to meet the needs of each individual student and makes each one of us feel as though we are making progress even if we haven’t been able to practice as much as we should.

In addition to teaching guitar, Terry emphasizes general music theory, history, and an appreciation for different styles of music.  His students also learn how music is recorded in the studio, and are given the opportunity to write and record their own songs.

I have recommended Terry Godwin’s program to many of my friends and family who are looking for a music instructor, and will continue to do so. There is no stronger endorsement than this!

from S. Boyles, Student

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Terry Godwin as a music teacher.  I have known Terry for seven years.  When Adam, my son, first wanted to take lessons to learn how to play guitar at the age of seven, I thought he was too young.  However, after the first encounter, I realized that Terry’s expertise with music and his knowledge of children would lead Adam to a life-long love of music.  After seven years, Adam has had a wonderful opportunity to use all his talents:  drums, voice, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar.  Terry’s ability to record in his studio has allowed the students to be a part of making a CD.  Adam is also getting the opportunity to write and compose music.  I feel very fortunate that my son has had this experience.

Terry started with very basic skills in order to assure success.  Terry’s background with his own children enhances his ability to relate to the students.  This is obvious when Adam leaves his lessons.  With a smile on his face and a glow in his eyes, all I hear about on the ride home is how much he accomplished and how much he enjoyed his lessons with Terry.  Terry has brought a wonderful intrinsic enthusiasm to practicing and learning.  In seven years, I have never had to tell Adam to practice.  He wants to practice and show Terry what he has learned.  Terry knows when to introduce new challenges and when each student needs more time.  He works with each student on  an individual basis.

Personally, I am very thankful that Terry has taught Adam how to play music by reading notes and how to play by ear.  This skill has helped Adam play with other band members at his school and increased his ability to play the guitar and sing at the same time.

Terry has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition.  He is respected by the community, parents, and, most importantly, by his students.  Terry has not only been an excellent teacher, He has been a friend and confidant to my son.  Terry understands how Adam feels when he is excited about a new “gig” or when he auditions for a new band.

Terry and Lori Godwin run a very organized and well-established business with impeccable communication skills to keep the parents informed.  I would personally recommend them for anyone interested in broadening their musical skills.

from R. Weppler, parent

I have been taking guitar lessons from Terry Godwin for almost two years now.  I began knowing a few chords, but really wanted to enhance my ability to play and learn new techniques.  Over this time, I have learned many new songs, but my knowledge expands beyond just my experience playing these songs on my guitar.  From Terry, I have learned the basics of chords and chord progression, I have learned different tunings, I have learned tools that cannot be written on sheet music but only learned from listening and through experience, and I have learned to play songs by ear better.

But, Terry teaches more than just guitar.  I have had the opportunity to learn about the bass guitar and the drums and played both of these when I wrote and recorded my original song.  I learned how to change the strings of my guitar and replace broken ones.  I learned about music recording and sound quality.  In these two years, I have grown leaps and bounds in my ability to play and in my knowledge of my guitar.

Terry is a fabulous teacher.  He is calm and patient, kind and warm hearted.  His experience and knowledge are vast, and his ability to teach is superb.  He has worked around my busy schedule and is always open to the things and music I want to learn.  I highly recommend Terry and Revolver Music to any person of any age for lessons or recording.

from R. Threadgill, Associate Pastor, 1st Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC

I have had the good fortune of having Terry Godwin as my guitar teacher for nearly two years.  He has also served as my daughter’s guitar teacher for a little over three years and my son’s guitar/bass teacher intermittently for the past year.

Terry Godwin is an excellent instructor whose benefits are many.  He is a highly accomplished musician with excellent technique and skills that make him a natural for teaching.  He is also a skilled recording producer whose teaching methods include use of familiar songs and improvisation as well as allowing students to write and record original compositions.

He is well-versed in all instruments.  Besides doing an excellent job teaching me the guitar, he has personally taught me techniques and the ability to play some bass guitar and some drums.  Terry Godwin’s services are always in demand, and I understand there is regularly a waiting list, and it is for a very good reason.  Besides being a highly skilled musician and an excellent teacher, he clearly has a love and understanding of music which translates to those he teaches.  He has done an excellent job teaching me the guitar and has greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of the beauty of music.


I highly recommend Terry and feel that anyone with the opportunity to learn under his tutelage would be very fortunate.

from M. Tillotson, Student, Wilmington, NC

I have taught music in different capacities for the last thirty years and I would not place my kids with any other guitar teacher.  This studio has the most comprehensive and organized program I have seen.  Terry also has a relaxed way of reaching kids that keeps their interest.  He provides many  more opportunities than just learning songs on the guitar.  They are exposed to many instruments and chances to play with their peers.  Awesome place!

from Music Teacher LeeAnn Baker, Wilmington, NC

Terry Godwin taught guitar for the Fine Arts Academy from April 1997 through January 2001.  During that time, Terry was an exemplary teacher and role model for his students.  We repeatedly heard words of commendation from both students and their parents for his teaching methods and courteous, professional manner.

As administrators, we enjoyed working with Terry, who was always conscientious and considerate of the needs of the Academy.  He consistently went above and beyond the call of duty in his teaching and professional relationships.

We heartily recommend him as a teacher to any person or organization that might wish to use his services and are thankful for his fine service to our Academy.

from Myrtle Grove Fine Arts AcademyD. Sonnenberg, Dean & H. Binn, Administrator

As a young 16 year old teenager, I purchased a cheap electric guitar and took some lessons at the time. Shortly after, I played in a couple of small garage bands for the amusement of family and friends until I was 21. At that time, I had to stop my short musical aspirations to concentrate on my accounting career and start a family.

During the 2008 Christmas Season, I decided to pick up the electric guitar again and purchased one from a local music store. The store referred me to Terry Godwin and his Revolver Music Productions studio. Boy, was I glad they did.

Terry’s approach to guitar and music in general is very unique and different from what I had experienced in my childhood. He runs a well rounded music program that not only develops your guitar skills but also advances your musical understanding. You go through the mandatory chords, scales and songs on the guitar, but you also learn to play basic bass, drums, and keyboard. This exposure to the other instruments used in a band setting has given me a different perspective on how to be a better guitar player. For example, I am more aware of the harmonies and tempo being played on a song. I can now listen to a song on the radio, CD, or music player and identify the major key of the song, and most of the time I can figure out the chord pattern used in the song. You also get the opportunity to work on creative projects by producing your own songs. I have worked on three of these projects, played all the instruments, and was intimately involved in the recording process alongside Terry. His studio is also well equipped with the necessary amplifiers, sound effects, stomp boxes, cables, etc… so, all you need is your guitar and a desire to learn.

from H. Abraham, Wilmington, NC