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What types of music do you teach?
I teach several different guitar styles including Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Blues, Folk, Alternative, Country and Contemporary Christian music. Much of the music we use for instruction is from the Classic Rock Era. This is where many of the best and most recognized guitar techniques are found.


What is your teaching philosophy?
I teach guitar as a creative art. Our guitar program is taught in steps using many different concepts and techniques as building blocks, rather than simply teaching chords and songs. This gives the student a much deeper understanding of music and of playing the guitar. As the student progresses, he/she will have the opportunity the learn bass guitar, drums and keyboard basics.


How long does it take to learn how to play the guitar?
A new student can usually be playing a few simple songs within a few short weeks. However, playing guitar is a multi-dimensional art, so it takes time and commitment to progress to reach more advanced levels. Our program includes a multi-level certificate program to give students short and long term goals to work toward and as a way to gauge their progress.


How often should I practice?
Practice makes perfect. It is very important to establish a simple practice routine during the early stages of learning guitar. The students and parents must find the proper place for guitar on their priority list. If you do not practice you will not progress. However, pushing a student too hard can take the fun out of learning. You need to take time to find the proper balance. Remember there are many activities that kids may participate in, but guitar and music is one thing that they will never outgrow – so handle with care.


What ages do you teach?
6 years old and up. It’s good to start kids in music at a young age when possible. Long after they outgrow many other things, their music will still be there for them. Music is a true life skill.


What do I need to get started?
You will need an inexpensive guitar so you can practice at home. We have good, working relationships with several music stores and retailers and can often get the guitar you need at a great price! We also have some used guitars at the studio as well as some amplifiers, effect pedals, cables, straps, strings and other accessories. All other materials such as song sheets, program sheets and practice cds will be provided for you.


What is Jam Night?
Jam Night is when our students have the opportunity to play with other students their age in a band setting. This type of interaction is very important in developing your musical skills and is lots of fun for the kids! We have Jam Night sessions several times each year.


What is your monthly rate?
Our rates are comparable to others in the area. Our goal has always been to offer the very best guitar/music program possible at a good price for our students. There are several things to consider when you are looking for the right guitar teacher, such as:

  • the level of instruction
  • the background and experience of the teacher
  • the program
  • the facilities
  • the equipment and instruments

In most schools, in order to learn guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, you would have several different teachers. This means several different class times and multiple tuition payments. At Revolver Music guitar, bass, drums and keyboard are blended together into a comprehensive music program. This means ONE teacher, ONE class time and ONE low monthly payment!

Call us today to schedule a free “try it” class and see which one of our music programs is right for you!


Do you have a basic guitar program?
Yes. Students enrolled in our basic guitar program get the structured program, get to work with the drums and get to play with the jam night bands.


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